Annie Leibovitz

Not even half way through her book "At Work", and it's a wave of inspiration in full throttle. Not just the stories around her photos, and her photo story itself. But the new understanding of photos in print. I admire her so much for being able to verbally express the feeling photography can bring. Below is a morning of her book hit by my favourite light through the blinds.  Booked a portrait.

Nature at Rosendal's café - Stockholm

It's great to discover Stockholm again. Rosendahl's Garden is a beautiful place to visit for all food-minded people and garden lovers. They practice biodynamic farming and sell home baked goods and use their home grown vegetables and fruit where possible in their organically certified café.   

Since 1982, the garden has been run by the Rosendal Garden Foundation. Their purpose is to expand the public interest and knowledge of biodynamic gardening and landscaping. "Rosendals Trädgård" is located on one of Stockholm's islands, Djurgården. It takes 15 minutes from T-centralen with the tram and the closest stop is called Bellmansro

It was a beautiful & crispy early fall day when I was there. The light is quite special during this time of the year, the rays of light almost looks like it's stretching further around all shadows, and the beams are a bit heavier in gold. Below are a few photos from inside one of their greenhouses.

Lauri Schreck - Finnish artist - Island shoot

I picked up Lauri with my boat 06 in the morning, in the harbour of a little town in southern Finland called Ekenäs. As this was mid July, the sun would rise already around 04, so with the sun chasing us, we had to be out on an island for at least 7 to catch it all before the hard light. 

For Lauris photos, I pictured a small island with a lot of horizon. Finland's archipelago is great for that. I knew of an area, with several small islands around each other from passing by over the years. I looked it up on Google maps, and as the satellite option was so detailed I got a better understanding of which island that would suit best. This one, "Äggharun" had no trees, some nice unwrinkled cliffs, some beautiful archipelago fauna, strong cracked angles and a lot of ocean. Nature untouched. 

To shoot out on a bare cliff by the horizon has been on my mind for a long time, so I couldn't resist but to suggest it when Lauri reached out. His new music is around the corner, so he was looking for something different to his previous shoots. We brainstormed over a few messages, and when we met I showed him what I'd typed down on the to-shoot list, and I think we both got quite excited to discover how synced our ideas were. 

Environmental photos are great, and our shoot couldn't really get more raw and natural. But even if nature is natural, it can certainly dominate. It's kind of the mecca for yoga shoots, so to break that pattern and not recommend the shoot for an expressive artist in a studio felt like an intriguing challenge. 

Lauri is playing the Finnish national instrument, kantele, a beautiful fairy-like instrument with 39 strings that he is impressively merging into pop-beated music. These contrasts against the location's, together with Lauri's colourful clothing and everything he resembles as a person turned into a great mashup. And, it really was a day on a different level. To be out there on a tiny little island in the middle of a blank archipelago in a Scandinavian tropical summer felt magic. 

I still feel very lucky to have been hit with the biggest high of inspiration from that day.

Thank you Lauri for making it fantastic and for a very memorable shoot.

I've been lucky to listen to one of his new songs - can't wait to share it when it's out. Up until then you can find his music on Spotify, YouTube and live on upcoming gigs.

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lll Behind the photos

Dear the you,

This is a page for my photographic collections. 

It'll be about things, people and places I've experienced - from recent shoots and from the archives. 

I won't attempt an explanation to the start of this. And, it isn't really the start of it. At all. Factually, this is right up in the magic middle. But, looking back; the biggest kicks has stemmed from situations that I've managed to be in with a camera. It's one huge kick, a passion. And almost always, this one big kick explodes in to two. There are two parts. And they're quite a mission to explain. You know yourself when you're there, an explosion and probably quite a mellifluous thing to your cell's happy-chamber.. And perhaps the first part is the most intimate... But that, I will go into another time.

It's quite simple. After a while. But I've always been in love with the dose of expression that a photo can bring. I get inspired by people, and the way they communicate. Big, lagom or small - singing, painting or writing. Does not matter - when I see whatever they do done in passion, I want to drop everything, lift that lid and dive deep into it with my camera. 

I love seeing people doing what they want to do. I find the most raw, passionate and vulnerable people leaving the strongest rings on the water. I will translate things straight from Swedish to English and vice versa. I will reflect on all things world wise here that comes from photography, and should I dare, when I write, perhaps to tap a few layers in and expose it from a place with less veils from my own little light room.

Anyway, even if it's just a cocktail of pixels on my wall of moments, I hope that I can bring you a little glimpse of the shot and the world it was caught in. As it's not always what it looks like, sometimes more, sometimes less - and always, always, always; relative. As with the rest of it all.

So here is to one start - right up inside the magic middle.

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